Dearest Ones,

I'd like to share some very exciting news. I'm aware that most of you may not view this as exciting. Needless to say, moving forward and reinventing ourselves is always a good thing.

On October 3rd, Mary's Secret Garden will be closing permanently.

I know that there will be many questions as to why, so I will try my best to explain. I have happily and dedicatedly worked for the last 28 years in the restaurant business. And I love it! I love cooking and preparing food. I love going to the Farmers Market. I love having my hands in beautiful organic produce. I love getting to know all the beautiful people in our community. And I love sharing my art form with people who get it. I'll never get tired of any of those things. But it's now time to start a family and live a much calmer life. My husband and I are looking to move to Hawaii and basque in the welcoming tropical lifestyle. We want to thank everyone for all the joy they have brought us over the years, by dining with us and sharing all your stories, smiles and gratitude for what we do here at Mary's. We could be in the Guinness Book of World Records for having thee most Wonderful customers on the planet. Every server has always mentioned how blissed out they are at the end of every night by just feeding off of our customers energies. So for the next Few weeks please come dine, enjoy, continue to have your birthdays, and special occasions with us. Or just merely come in grab a bite to-go. We are sooo happy to serve you all. It's been such a blessing. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support!

Stay tuned!! Our Mary's Secret Garden page will now become a Vegan/Raw food recipe and quick kitchen tips and shopping guide page. All from yours Truly :-) Looking forward to sharing lots of yummy recipes with everyone.
Thank you so much for your support in our decision and please Remember to make a reservation. We have been Very busy Smile
~ Mary